Everything has been figured out except how to live

The title of this blog were words famously spoken by the French Existentialist, Jean-Paul Sartre. What Sartre was alluding to is something similar to what author John Horgan points out in his controversial 1996 book 'The end of Science'.  Horgan argues that science, in the last 50 years, has figured all there is to figure out,… Continue reading Everything has been figured out except how to live


What is Existentialism?

This entire blog is dedicated to 'avant-garde existentialism', so it makes sense that I should write a blog post that explains what this actually means. In a nutshell, existentialism is a philosophical inquiry into human existence. Specifically, it is the questioning of our being, as everything we know (or think we know), about ourselves and our so-called 'identity',… Continue reading What is Existentialism?


Feminism: an issue for both genders

This week, the Harvey Weinstein scandal made headlines; prompting discussions about male power and feminism in Hollywood. Of course, the issue is much broader than just Weinstein, as abuse of power by any person in a position of authority comes as no surprise.  But what is it specifically about sexual harassment that stokes the fire… Continue reading Feminism: an issue for both genders


Paradoxes of the artificial: learning from the past to predict a future whilst misinterpreting the present

Hear my words, humanity is the awkward pubescent phase between animal and machine – Netjester AI Bot (2011) The University of Sydney recently posed the following essay dilemma to its students:  'Big data' is not just more or different information but constitutes a revolution in the production of knowledge: algorithms and 'machine learning' are generating… Continue reading Paradoxes of the artificial: learning from the past to predict a future whilst misinterpreting the present


Jim Carrey: awake, but not quite Zen

In recent years, and especially on noticeable occasions throughout 2017, Jim Carrey has caused quite a stir with the remarks he has made in interviews regarding his identity and the meaning of life. For example: When he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel in May 2017 , Jim made the statement "Don't get me wrong. Jim Carrey is… Continue reading Jim Carrey: awake, but not quite Zen


Is the progression of technology a paradox for our demise?

The philosopher Marshall McLuhan once claimed that: The most human thing about us is our technology Our cities can be viewed as extensions of our physical body, our electronic networks such as telephones, radio and television as extensions of our nervous system, and the computer can be seen as an extension of our cognitive functioning.… Continue reading Is the progression of technology a paradox for our demise?


Reimagining the ‘Digital’ Workplace

Imagine you want to open the best research and education institution in your city, such as a University. You’ve noticed that existing learning environments do not cater for teacher or student needs in the digital age. As a result, you decide to design and build the most innovative of all office and teaching spaces; one… Continue reading Reimagining the ‘Digital’ Workplace


The Existentialism of RPM

I find myself, usually around three times a week, joining the group fitness class otherwise known as 'RPM', which I'm told stands for 'revolutions (or rotations) per minute', and involves a stationary bike along with an instructor, 7 musical tracks and around 30 other people. I attend my University gym and have been going to… Continue reading The Existentialism of RPM


A Mother! of a Film

Not in a long while has a movie come along that has polarized audiences. Darren Aronofsky, the man who brought us Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream has released his latest Mother! onto the world and the world has very much responded. People have either left the cinema halfway through, demanding a refund, as well as… Continue reading A Mother! of a Film